SEND for support

SEND for support

Dynamic Education Solutions offer strategic support working with SENCOs to devise effective systems and processes developing their teams of Learning and Behaviour Support Assistants to take the lead in inclusive and appropriately targeted alternative pathways for SEND students.

We provide SEND audits for schools, advising on whole school access arrangements to develop effective systems and advice on CPD opportunities and training with a SEND focus. This can then feed into the SEND and whole school development plans.

We can access or devise a range of evaluation tools to review, evaluate and measure impact of SEND interventions as part of this development plan.

Dynamic Education Solutions offers consultancy and support packages for the following areas:-

  • Support for Inclusion Leaders to develop effective whole school behaviour management systems
  • Creation of and Inclusion Centres with child centered approaches and needs driven plans in line with SEMH guidelines for good practice
  • Bespoke packages for assessment of individual students for examination access arrangements adhering to JCQ regulations
  • Training of support staff for schools and other agencies
  • Training packages for teams of other professionals focused on SEND in school
  • Developing Parent Partnerships to improve engagement with parents through parent forums and groups to encourage effective home/ school communication
  • Bringing multi-agencies, services and professionals together  to inform whole school policy for SEND students. These include Speech and Language Therapists, Behaviour Advisors, Emotional and Mental Health professionals, and Youth Offending Services.
  • Short term Consultancy SENCO intervention to advise schools and to provide expertise and management for long term absence or recruitment issues.