Seamus has an innate capacity to assimilate information quickly. He is an organised, analytical and incisive leader who can assist schools to create a realistic development plan for SEND. He develops existing SEND teams to maximise strengths and qualities to be effective leaders in their professional role within the department and school including opportunities for CPD and regular supervision.

Seamus leads by example, coaching, mentoring and training core teams and advising Senior Leaders on inclusive practice for SEND students. School leaders must be creative and innovative making the most of limited resources for which Seamus can advise on how to create SEN/ Inclusion Rooms or centres for those pupils who need modified provision.


Anne McBride, MindfulEd

During my time working with Seamus he has consistently demonstrated his passion about SEND and getting the best for every child, and incorporating his varied knowledge. Seamus has been extremely invaluable to the development of the Education and Health Partnership (EHP) service as he has a holistic and multidisciplinary way of working alongside his experience as a class teacher and SENCO.

Kevin Parry, Director, EHP

Seamus is a very passionate and knowledgeable SENCO and SEND professional. Seamus takes a proactive and innovative approach towards supporting his students. His focus is always on what he is trying to achieve, never on the problem, and this is what makes his input so helpful and constructive. Seamus is there for everyone he works with, and has taught me a lot about the reality of supporting SEND in a secondary school environment.

Sarah Ward, HSR Psychology

Seamus is a dedicated professional who is clearly motivated to work with young people of all abilities. He forms excellent relationships with staff and pupils quickly. He has energy and enthusiasm for finding individualised solutions for all pupil’s needs and works extremely well both leading or as part of a team. He approaches all tasks with a positive attitude and humour which enables him to motivate both professionals and students alike, enabling all to achieve their full potential. Seamus would be a welcome and dynamic addition to any school team. I look forward to working with him with ATtherapy in the future.

Andrea Sharples,  Director, ATtherapy

Seamus from Dynamic Education Solutions visited Arnfield Independent School  to advise on curriculum development integrating outdoor education with classrooom based learning taking place at the school.  Seamus' firm educational grounding, coupled with his range of expertise in outdoor education delivery and accreditation, meant the consultation resulted in clear professionally delivered direction for the school.  Dynamic Education Solutions, as an organisation, do exactly what their company name suggests and provide dynamic, creative and integrated solutions in an evolving educational landscape.  Highly recommended.

Paul Knowles, Education Manager, Arnfield Independent School