Counting down

Counting down

So here we go for my last full week in teaching. Just five days to go until I hang up my globe. I started teaching back in 1994, which I know is hard to believe when you see my profile picture but I promise I’m telling the truth. It was the lucky number 7 in terms of interviews I had been to without getting a job. Walkden High School in Salford saw through the nerves and took a chance on employing me as a Geography teacher with some additional RE.


I’ve done a bit of research about the slightly less important things that happened in 1994 and found out the following:-

  1. Friends began the year I started teaching
  2. ER started the same year
  3. Chris Boardman won the opening stage of the Tour de France
  4. USA held the World Cup
  5. The Channel Tunnel opened for business
  6. The National Lottery began in the UK
  7. China got its first connection to the internet
  8. Nelson Mandela became South Africa’s first black president (obviously not less important than my job)

So with just the five days to go until I’m no longer a full time teacher it is getting a bit real. Some of the children I teach and parents I’ve worked closely with over the last five years have been wishing me well, and it all seems very final, in contrast to the last couple of times I left a school. On those occasions it was to go to a new school and work as a teacher in some form or other (see previous post SEND Support), but this time I’m leaving to set up as a SENCO Consultant and work for myself, not knowing if I’ll work directly with children again.

When my plan is put into place, I know I’ll be able to make a difference to a larger group of children by working with adults who support, teach or care for them, but I will miss seeing children smile everyday (hopefully my own kids will prove me wrong) when I cheer them up by promising not to sing to them or perform my best dad dance. I can’t envisage an occasion during any future meetings or training I’m delivering when I can get away with offering to sing or dance because I know my stupidity will make a child feel better about themselves! A bit like my hero

Hopefully the new venture will “Bring me sunshine

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